Alumni Relations and Cultural Committee

With 43 years of legacy, DBE has a strong alumni base with more than 2000 members and growing stronger each year. The Alumni are working both nationally and internationally, and their contributions have been acknowledged by organisations and institutions as they have shown the way forward.

At DBE, we value our alumni network and maintain relations with them. To strengthen relationship with them, there exists Alumni relations and Cultural Committee a.k.a ARCC whose members have devoted themselves to this cause. Since its inception, ARCC has grown and has reached to the alumni, reconnecting them and bringing back together all illustrious alumni of department.

ARCC organises various alumni meets at all major cities across the country. Alumni meets provide opportunities for alumni to catch up with their old friends, narrate their journey and share their stories. However, there’s a deeper meaning to the committee and its events. These events are epitome of what role the education has in overall development of a person. Alumni go down memory lane and enjoy together various cultural programs and other interesting activities organized by students and strengthen bonding with other alumni and students. The main events organised by ARCC are:

  1. Genesis
  2. Reminiscence
  3. A day with alums
  4. Imprints

Apart from organizing events, the ARCC also maintains dedicated social media pages which enables the alumni to get latest updates about happening a t DBE.

Alumni are gem of any institute and it is them who contribute to the development of student community & the institute, ARCC plays the role of a chain between Alumni and department.

ARCC has reached a great mile in connecting the alumni, and it has lot more miles to go.